whole foods and good earth

today i decided to make the long trip to whole foods and good earth. it was an enjoyable time. so enjoyable in fact, i was twenty minutes late picking the kids up from school (double oops!).

i was in search of a few key ingredients i've been unable to find at the grocery store. specifically, white whole wheat flour, whole wheat couscous and whole wheat orzo.

my trip was a success, i left with all i went in for and some, including the most delicious quinoa and black bean salad made fresh at the deli which i enjoyed for lunch. now i am on a quest to make this salad on my own. it included roasted red tomatoes, red bell pepper, parsley, garlic, black beans, red wine vinegar, olive oil and corn (off the top of my head). oh, it was so yummy!

speaking of quinoa, i learned today that i've been pronouncing the word horribly wrong for some time now. i asked the man behind the counter at the deli if i could sample some of the quinoa and black bean salad (kwuh-no-ah). horrible. he said "what?" so i pointed. yeah, well, it's pronounced keen-wah for those who don't already know. embarrassing.

anyway, slowly i learn.

but, take a look at the beauty that is in my fridge right now (less the hot dogs).

we've got some interesting items on the menu this week (insert child's moan and groan). tonight i tried my hand at vegetable low mein (another post altogether). it was good but, i realized after i charred the onions that i really need a wok. the skillet just doesn't cut it.  and, i'm still not a very good cook.

later this week we'll try leek and sweet potato au gratin, lentil soup and a super delicious looking orzo salad. say yum!

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