caramelized pear, sweet onion and gorgonzola pizza

there are not any decent restaurants where we live.  it's not surprising considering the fact that we didn't even have a grocery store or gas station in our city until we'd lived here for three years.  needless to say, we don't eat out a lot.  not that this would change even if there were restaurants.   it's too expensive.  however, on a few occasions jake and i get to date eachother and we'll often drive the long distance into salt lake and eat at one of our favorite joints.  for him, this would include the california pizza kitchen.  he loves pizza!  me? not so much.  i like the weird stuff though like their pear and gorgonzola pizza so i thought i'd try to recreate it myself.

the thought came to me after i decided to quit buying frozen pizza's for the kids and the hub.  they eat them like crazy, they're expensive and obviously, not all that nutritious.  instead, i've been buying whole wheat pocketless pita bread, decent pizza sauce, part skim mozzarella and browning ground italian turkey sausage ahead of time.  when they want a pizza, it takes 5 minutes to throw it together and another 3 to broil.  way healthier, way faster and way less expensive.  even better?  according to jake, they taste more delicious than the frozen stuff anyway.  score!  another plus, the kids can make their own and they think it's *fun.*

i'm rambling (surprise).  anyway, like i said, i don't love pizza but i LOVED this little creation.

i caramelized some pears and sweet onions and made a gorgonzola dressing to put over the spring mix on top.  it was amazing.  jake tasted it and agreed.  i feel like i need to tell you this because i consider his taste buds to be more "normal" than my own.

give it try.

caramelized pear, sweet onion and gorgonzola pizza
1 whole wheat pocketless pita
1 slice deli provolone
1/4 cup gorgonzola cheese (divided)
1/2 cup (approx) sweet onion (sliced)
one pear (sliced)
tbsp brown sugar
1/4 tbsp butter (divided, 1/2 for onions, 1/2 for pears)
1/2 tbsp water
cooking spray
spring mix or arugula (however much you want)
tbsp apple cider vinegar
tsp canola oil (or less, depending on preference, i like less oil)


pre-heat oven - low broil.

first, i caramelized the onions and pears in separate pans at the same time.  i do not know how to caramelize pears or onions so i just gave it a whirl.  it seemed to work.  you do what you want but in case you don't know how either, follow my lead.

melt 1/8 tbsp butter over medium heat.  add brown sugar and water.  bring to boil.  add sliced pears, turn heat down and cover.  let simmer for 5 minutes.  uncover, flip pears and let cook for another 3 minutes.  done!

melt 1/8 tbsp butter over medium heat.  cook onions over med/low heat until very soft and brown.  (it took about the same amount of time as the pears ... convenient).

spray pita with cooking spray.  place onions on pita first.  break up provolone over onions.  sprinkle about 2/3 gorgonzola over provolone (use the rest for the dressing).  place pears on cheese.

broil 3 - 5 minutes until cheese is melted and sides are light brown.

while pita is in oven, mix vinegar, oil and remaining gorgonzola in a small bowl.  toss with spring mix (or arugula).

once pita is broiled, slice into four wedges and serve with spring mix on top.  YUM!

here's a secret; this really isn't all that nutritious or low in calories/fat but, it was a nice version of pizza for me to enjoy with the family and it was perfectly delicious.  something i'll definitely make again, just not too often!

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Gwen said...

Delish! Right up my alley! I love the "weird" stuff too. Good taste must be forced upon boys/ '-)

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