kid tested, mother approved {is it legal to say that?}

i'm always on the hunt for healthy "snack" options for the kids (and husband).  i'm sure you all know that this is not an easy feat.  for the most part, commercially prepared and packaged snacks are not usually all that nutritious and the ones that come close enough don't always pass the taste test.

sometimes i bring things home hoping the kids will love them only to have them turn their noses up in disgust.  however, every now and then, the opposite happens.  i put things out on the counter nonchalantly, not asking them to try anything but, their curious minds and constant desire to get away with sneaking food has proven to be an effective way for taste testing.

these two items, purchased yesterday, both passed the taste test x3 with flying colors.

both purchased from costco.  

other taste test approved snacks currently filling our pantry include items such as these:

i'll be adding to this list as i find new wonderful products to share.  in the meantime, will you share yours?  i'm still looking for hfcs free fruit snacks that won't cost me an arm and a leg. 

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Laura said...

I love the Clif kids twisted fruit ropes. If you buy a box of 24 at Amazon you can get them for about 80 cents each.

Fruitabu rolls are on Amazon for about 64 cents each if you buy 6 6-count boxes. The rolls are delicious but a little stickier and messier than a strip of fruit leather.

Sharkies are great too, and they can double as electrolyte chews for you on your runs - on Amazon in bulk for a little over $1/bag.

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