exciting to me

what's up yo?  
i've spent my morning blogging about our summer thus far when really, i should be doing more productive things.
like grocery shopping.  and vacuuming.
sometimes being responsible is a drag.

before i start being responsible again, i want to share some things i'm excited about right now. but first, let me recap the little 10k i ran on saturday.  it was another race put on by riverton city.  i think they call it "town days" or something like that.  

that's me in the middle.

the image is probably not legal but, i wanted to share it anyway for three reasons.

1. neighbor/friend/running buddy was my race partner.  we took each step together and finished within one second of each other.  she's there with me, in red.  i heart her.

2. to my left in the white tee is 68 year doug.  i know his name because i looked it up (is that legal? please lawyers, tell me what laws i'm breaking). he finished just a couple of minutes behind me which is really something.  this dude runs none stop. i swear it.  for years he's ran up and down our street carrying his disc-man in his hand.  always with his knee socks and tightly clenched fists.  recently, he's been running over to the gym from where he lives.  once there, he runs around the track over and over again (11 laps = a mile).  then he lifts some weights and runs back home.  i want to be like doug when i grow up.

3. this photo shows where my running form needs improvement.  note to self: release shoulders from ears and lower arms to hip height rather than holding them at my rib cage.  noted.

finish time was 53:13.  26th out 131 women and 10th out of 44 in my age group.  not nearly as well as i hoped to do but, i'm a novice.  i am not comfortable racing this distance.  really, it amazes me that i prefer the longer distances.  another topic for another day.

so that's that.  tomorrow i will run another race either officially or unofficially. it's the canyon to canyon half marathon. i missed the registration cut off time and now i'm waiting for an email or phone call back from the director.  their loss if they ignore my request to register late because i'm running either way.  they can either pocket my entry fee or, lose money every time i utilize their port-a-potty and aid stations.

moving on to things i'm excited about.  in no particular order.

1. squeezable applesauce.  my kids are digging these big time.  the fun factor is high so this helps to make them ask for another and the nutritional factor is even higher so this helps to make me happy.  even baby nephew loves himself some sauce.

2.  coffee mate came out with a new creamer.  
thank you coffee mate for reading my mind.
it's uber sweet so a little bit goes a long way which is good. 
i think.

3.  a local builder is about finished with the construction on a replica of the house from the disney movie "up."  we went and checked it out recently and i have to admit, it's super cool.  
i would love to live there for like a week.

as soon as it's done (for the parade of homes), we'll take the official tour. i'm abnormally excited.  this sort of thing doesn't usually float my boat.  i.e. extreme makeover home edition just finished a house for a family the next city over.  it's been the talk of the town.  i could care less. does that make me bad person?  don't answer that.

4.  my mom asked me to put a weight training workout together for her.
this excites me beyond imagination.  she did not give me permission to post photos of her on the world wide web but i don't worry about a lawsuit because she knows suing me would be pointless. the most she would walk away with is three kids and an orange/blue pickup truck.

now it has new tires so, it's really quite valuable.

5. and i save the best for last. 
i had this amazing idea the other day that i hoped would help cure my cookie dough eating problem.
cookie bars!
i found an awesome recipe that is so good, it will blow your mind (not that i tasted any of it myself. clear. throat. now).  the problem i have when i make cookies for my family is that damn bowl filled with dough waiting for the next batch to finish baking.  the bowl sits on the counter screaming at me.  not just calling my name, no, it screams at me.  so how brilliant are cookie bars?  BRILLIANT i tell ya! the entire batch of dough gets baked at once.  no more temptation torturing me as i bake like i love to.

simply brilliant.

don't worry folks, i'll post the recipe soon-ish.
happy weekend.

any fun plans? 
any new and exciting discoveries lately?


ashley & sundance said...

running form? ummm, hate to know what you think of my race pictures. LOL. knees all tweaked and face contorted with major agression.

can i be like Doug, too?

and I'll live in the Up house after you.

good luck with the 1/2!!

Mary said...

Still loving your down-to-earth ideas about nutrition...all based in reality. I've had to stop working out b/c of a recent surgery and it's killing me...and it shows. Three and 1/2 weeks until I can start up again.

Amanda said...

Your cookie bars appeal to me because they have more dough than chocolate chips. That's my favorite ratio.

I find that the hand bottle messes with my form - I end up holding my arms right where yours are.

Great job on the race even if you weren't happy with your results. It's all about where you fall in the masses. You can't always judge by time - like on a super hilly course like that. You did great. Doug is awesome. He seems like a crazy Californian to me :)

Alexis Kaye said...

holy cow! good for you girlfriend! that's so awesome of you to reach your goals! I'm 21 and I couldn't have a prayer to run that long! Good for you for getting healthy! I'm a nutrition major, so I'm all in for that!

Anastasia said...

Congrats on your 10k! I think your time is awesome!

Doug is amazing! There was a 92 year old in the last 5k I ran that did it in 48 minutes. He uses a walker and it's just amazing to see him sprint towards the finish line. So inspiring!

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