6 new recipes ~ a long time coming

six new recipes.  i've been trying to get them posted for a long time now but, life happens and, what can i do besides all i can do?  there's not enough hours in the day.

but listen, these recipes are all really yummy and i've been obsessed with finding slow cooker recipes as well as meals that i can freeze.  unfortunately, i will not be the one to cook the frozen meals, i'm giving them away so i won't be able to report back about how well they worked out but, i'll try to get feedback from the recipient and post about the results in the future but i can attest to how delicious each meal was on the day it was prepared.  only a select number of recipes made the cut (i've had a few slow-cooker flops the last few weeks) so please, give them a try and tell me what you think.

don't expect much from the posts themselves, my goal was to simply get the recipes up so i could refer back to them in the future, i'm already planning on making the white chicken chili again this week for my hunk's birthday dinner.  he's also requested "better than sex" cake which really is ..............

maybe soon i'll have a chance to post something fitness related.  we'll see.

without further ado, the list (all recipes are posted below this post if you just scroll down. surprise!):

homemade spaghetti sauce (with meat) ~ awesome stuff
chicken adobo soup
white bean chicken chili
baked penne with sun-dried tomatoes and chicken
baked ziti
sweet potato chili

happy cooking!

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