word of wisdom living, part II

have you been following the weekly health changes on word of wisdom living?  i have.  simple, easy changes that have a significant impact on your overall health.  so far, skip has shared seven healthy living tips, one for every week:

  1. if you consume soda or other sugared drinks, limit yourself to one (12 oz) serving per week.
  2. never buy deep, fat-fried foods.
  3. cereal products must be made of whole grains and have more grams of natural fiber than grams sugar.
  4. get a little midday sunshine most days of the week, weather permitting.
  5. get at least 30 minutes of exercise, most days of the week.  it's best if you sweat.
  6. drink lots of water, make it your main drink.
  7. calculate the weekly pounds of vegetables needed for five daily servings in your household and write it down.
if you haven't subscribed to their blog, i think you should.  do you use a reader to keep track of your favorite sites?  you should.  i use google reader.  be like me.  use a reader.


1 comment:

Amy Piller said...

I have been reading the word of wishom living site and following the tips. I hadn't added 7 on yet so I guess I should do that now:) Thanks for sharing the site!

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