the not-race

i'm feeling totally uninspired to write here but i wanted to update real quick just for funsies.

last weekend i planned on running the canyon to canyon half marathon but, that didn't happen.  not really anyway.  i wrote already about how i didn't register in time to race and i was hoping they would give me a number when i got to the start but, no such luck.

rather than pout or throw a fit, i decided to just run anyway.  my aunt and uncle were running the 10k so we took off together and then i started making my way to the front of the pack thinking i would decide at the 10k turn around if i wanted to keep going or not.  

along the way, i took some photos (above & below).  beautiful scenery and since i wasn't really racing, it didn't matter that i stopped here and there to enjoy the sunrise.

the hills on this course were a lot more intense than i had anticipated so i decided to turn around at the 10k turn around, run back to my aunt and uncle, run back to the turn around and then kept going for about another mile before i turned back to head to the finish line (which i didn't cross, obviously).  

{mile 4}

eight miles and it was an enjoyable run though i failed to consider the experiences of the other runners.  my stopping and going, to-ing and fro-ing was distracting.  i know this because a girl approached me at the finish and asked, "do you mind if i ask what you were doing?  i swear you passed me like three or four times."  oops.  my bad.  if only they'd have let me register .......



Amy Piller said...

I ran my first 5k Saturday(I say first because I didn't run the entire time on the last one and this one I did) It felt great and I am excited to keep on my journey. Thanks for your motivation!

Amanda said...

You always look so adorable in every single.dingle photo. How do you do that?

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