valentine dish

it's a bit disheartening that i don't have a great internet connection these days.  blogging has become a challenge and i have so many recipes i want to share but they'll have to wait until i don't have to fight so much with the computer (soon).

for now, here's a taste of our valentine dinnner. 

the family loves roast so i slow cooked a beef top round and it really was yummy.  first i mixed a can of cream of mushroom soup with a packet of dry onion soup mix to spread on the roast.  i only had small red potatoes and onion to add to the pot so i chopped some up and threw them in around the roast to cook on low for eight hours. 

as usual, i steamed a bag of veggies and made some quick gravy for the hub who likes to drown his potatoes and meat (i prefer no gravy).

for dessert we had strawberry shortcake.  i experimented with dessert wine over the strawberries (for jake and i) which was good but a little strong for our taste.  we're just not crazy about wine.  

jake told me i was an over achiever when he saw the heart shaped pound cake.  i thought it was a nice touch.  what do you think?

happy belated valentine's day!  soon i'll tell you about my adventures with muffin making and share my favorite marinade for chicken.  until then .... eat well and get your sweat on (insert smiley).

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