my week in meals ~ week three

week three.

sunday (4/3):
workout: rest day
i was rather rebellious today and slept in way too late.  this meant that no one had a nice warm breakfast, including myself.  i can't even remember what i ate.  probably the same old thing.  i'm certain i didn't have much for lunch because my mom was making dinner for my birthday and i was saving room.

(dinner):  my mom has always has us choose our own birthday dinner.  even as i get older, she wants to serve me something i love for my birthday.  this has become more and more tricky as i (seemingly) get more and more picky.  my poor mom.  in the end, she ordered the delicious house pasta salad from red butte cafe and then made an entirely separate meal on top of it so everyone would have something to eat.  it was nice of her. i felt truly high maintenance (sorry mom)!  

for dessert: "nothing bundt cake" red velvet cake. OMG. love!

monday (4/4):
workout: date night at the gym with my hunk of a husband.  4 miles on the treadmill and then yoga together (which was a little bite of heaven for me = yoga with my man!).

(lunch): leftover bday dinner

(dinner): the kids had dinosaur chicken nuggets and i had a pb&j sandwich.  not in the mood to cook.  it happens.

sissy had to have two teeth pulled and was afraid to eat anything that might get "stuck in the holes" so i made her a yummy shake; 1/2 cup low-fat vanilla yogurt, 1 cup vanilla soy milk, 1 banana & 1 cup frozen berry blend (coscto).  she gobbled it up.

tuesday (4/5):
workout: 10 mile run on the treadmill.  movie required: "love and other drugs" two thumbs up (out of five?).

(breakfast) typical; fruit, milk, 1/2 bagel & almond butter

(lunch) massive salad using the leftovers in the fridge; grilled lemon pepper chicken, whole wheat linguine, spinach, romaine, cucumbers & tomatoes with chipotle cheddar dressing.

(dinner): i had really high expectations for this recipe when i put it together in the slow cooker earlier that day.  sadly, it was only okay.  okay enough that we ate it but not something worthy of it's own post.  sniffle.

{those are raisins, apples, red bell pepper, green bell pepper, apple juice and chicken atop brown rice}

wednesday (4/6): my birthday!  look who's 30!!
workout: p90x "kenpo" dvd with weighted hand gloves

(breakfast): typical but, i didn't have lunch.  out running errands and i treated myself to a "chaicicle" sans whipping cream from my favorite beans and brews.

(dinner): we had family over to celebrate my birthday.  my sweet mother in law brought a lemon cream cake from the olive garden and i made teriyaki chicken, my favorite sesame noodles which is an adaptation of this recipe from the pioneer woman (i'll post my version one of these days) and steamed asian blend veggies.

thursday (4/7):
workout: 4 miles on the treadmill in the morning and yoga after dinner.

(breakfast) same ol' same ol' ... i'm so boring.

(lunch) simple salad with grilled portabellos and homemade balsamic dijon vinaigrette

(snack) chobani with cherry almond granola and i made a batch of basic chocolate chip cookies for the kids and hub cookie bin with 1/2 cup of toffee bits added.

(dinner) barbecue chicken (grilled) with rosemary red potatoes and broccoli.

friday (4/8):
workout: rest day

can you believe we were out of coffee creamer when i woke up today!?  the nerve.  a full pot of freshly brewed coffee and no creamer.  i could have died.

(breakfast) yogurt and granola.
(lunch) i made mini pizza's for the kids using whole wheat bagels, pizza sauce, mozzarella and turkey pepperoni.  they love these!

as for me, nothing! i shared an ice cream cone with gavin at the mall while we were waiting for the easter bunny to return from her smoking break. i was saving up for dinner (this is a bad habit i have.  skimming on calories earlier in the day so i can not feel so restricted when i'm eating away from home in a social setting).

(dinner) BUNKO! i didn't have to cook :) ... the family had pizza.  go husband!

saturday (4/9):
workout: planned 10 miler failed due to these terrible weather conditions.  8 miles on the treadmill at the gym instead which = way too many miles on the treadmill this week.

(lunch): my sweet friend kalisa treated me to lunch for my birthday at omar's rawtopia. i ordered coconut curry rice and there wasn't a bite left on my plate.  it was so amazingly delicious.  for a second, i thought about learning to cook raw.  then i remembered my poor family.

{i think my dad would dig this place. laugh out loud.}

 {kalisa ordered zucchini pasta and sweet basil salad}

then we hit the red mango.  for me, always an original yogurt with strawberries and graham cracker crumbs. it was a lovely date.  i'm looking forward to doing it again (hint hint hint).

(dinner) another bowl of leftovers from the fridge; teriyaki chicken, whole wheat linguine, french cut green beans, shaved parmesan and about a tablespoon of light italian dressing all warmed up.  surprisingly good!  the fam had nachos (yes, we were being really lazy).

week three down.  how'd i do?


MuncherCruncher said...

Your food looks SO SO SO good. I have never heard of Omars, but I am going to have to trek up to the SLC to try it out. That looks healthy and delish!

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Again, I love seeing one post with the whole week's meals. So interesting! Omar's clearly has some amazing food. My mom has been making me the same birthday dinner for about 10 years now. White nurnburg sausages, red cabbage, and roasted potatoes. Those sausages are truly dreadful for you, health-wise, but I don't want to disappoint her (she loves cooking us our birthday meals!) so I eat it anyway. 10 years ago it was my favorite, not so much anymore!

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