my week in meals ~ week two

week two.  

(breakfast):  belgian waffles.  recipe courtesy of the big oven iphone app.  on sundays, i try to make breakfast for the family and i try to make enough so i can freeze leftovers for the remainder of the week (see bottom right photo).  the troops said these waffles were delish.  crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside with little pockets of air.  that's what i heard in so many words.  

maybe i'll post the recipe here one day.  for now, i can email it if you'd like it.

(dinner): martha stewart slow cooker pot roast i took dinner up to my parents on sunday.  all tasters said the roast was good.  i tried to be discreet with photo taking so not to weird my dad out even more than i already do.  my boy says "she takes pictures of her food."  ...  we're not big beef eaters but, it's nice to mix it up every now and then and the carrot/onion mixture was delicious.  a five star recipe (imo).


(workout)  three miles on the treadmill in the morning (still recovering from the 1/2 marathon on saturday) and yoga at the gym in the evening.

the first day of the exodus GI cleanse that didn't happen.  the idea is to consume 1 tbsp of this powder mixture with a little bit of applesauce 3x a day and then eat only veggies.  do this for three days and it's supposed to clean out the pipes real well.

i was set up for success.  i had everything i needed and i made it through first two tablespoons but once it was time for the third tablespoon, i just couldn't get it down.  my pipes were the opposite of empty at that point and i was literally gagging at the smell of the stuff.

so what did i do instead?  i went on a mini-binge.  three chocolate chip cookies, two graham cracker sheets and one frogurt later, i felt like myself again.  yeah, so, that didn't work out as planned.

(lunch) veggie salad with balsamic vinegar.

(dinner) spaghetti squash with tomatoes and zucchini.  have you ever tried spaghetti squash?  it's really good and it's really simple to prepare.  just cut the squash in half length wise, scoop out the seeds, rub a little olive oil, salt and pepper over the top and then microwave for 7 minutes either wrapped in plastic wrap or by using a ziplock "steamers" bag.  after it's done cooking just shred and enjoy.

i sauteed a sweet onion in a little olive oil with garlic.  once the onion was soft i added a handful of halved cherry tomatoes and about a tablespoon of vegetable broth.  continue adding a tablespoon of the broth at a time until the tomatoes have softened completely creating a sauce of sorts and then add the zucchini.  simmer over low heat (covered) until the zucchini is softened and then toss it all together.

this is one of those "recipes" that makes me believe vegetarianism wouldn't be that bad.


(workout) no workout.  cleanse started working during the night making me nervous to leave the house for a run.

i'm over the cleanse by this point. 

(breakfast): fruit and vanilla soy milk topped with tropical granola

(lunch) i didn't have lunch tuesday.  my bad.  i was elbow deep in serious house cleaning all day and i was having so much fun, the time just flew by.

(dinner): grilled chicken seasoned with lawrys lemon pepper seasoning.  baked potatoes topped with light sour cream and salsa.  steamed fresh broccoli.


(workout) 5.5 mile run with my friend maxine in the a.m.

(breakfast) blueberry chobani yogurt with tropical granola.

(snack) protein drink made with chocolate protein powder and click espresso protein powder.

(snack for the kids) i made this snickerdoodle recipe.  my family said the cookies were really great straight out of the oven but they hardened very quickly even though i stored them in an airtight container with a few pieces of bread.  anyone have a good snickerdoodle recipe they'd be willing to share?

(dinner) basil coconut curry chicken with coconut brown basmati rice.  husband took the leftovers for lunch the next day so, i consider it a success (especially considering the established fact that he is not a fan of curry).


(workout) 5.5 mile run with my friend maxine.  had to miss yoga tonight because the boy had baseball tryouts.

grocery shopping with my peeps.  always an experience but, the full fridge before the weekend is always worth the effort.

nothing exciting for breakfast or lunch.

(dinner) pioneer woman's sloppy joes served on whole wheat buns with alexia baked oven reds and fresh steamed broccoli & carrots.  i figured it would be a nice change to serve some PW labeled "manfood." gavin and brooklyn gobbled theirs up.  i was surprised.  of course, the "men" were pleased too.  i'll post the recipe soon just for my own records.  the original link is provided above.


(workout) friday is my rest day.  so, i rested. 

breakfast was typical. my mom took the kids and i to see HOP and then to paradise bakery for lunch where i had the walnut chicken salad sandwich.  for dinner,  we had leftovers.  exciting?

(workout) 6 mile run at the new rec center then some weight lifting with my man.

(lunch) sissy and i went on very fun date.  we shared a chicken sandwich for lunch from food for thought in draper.  it was delish!

(dinner) my health-i-fied version of the pioneer woman's baked lemon pasta with grilled chicken and steamed zucchini.

week two down.  how'd i do?


Scottkids said...

Very nice! I liked everything, and am adding several to my menu for the month!

Funny about your husband not liking curry but loving the meal! lol. good for him!

See you Friday, maybe Thursday too! Seth is coming home early that night! Let me know if you are going!

Candice said...

you did great. Especially on the pics. I should really stop looking at pictures of your food when I'm bored at work.

MuncherCruncher said...

Oh my goodness! Your food looks SO SO good. I'll be over tonight for dinner! ;) I am no good when it comes to anything cleansing like that. I just try to up my fiber intake and drink more water. I don't do well with eating anything gross...just lots and lots of good stuff! :)

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