all in a weekend

{saturday night :: sunset from wasatch blvd}

today i ate at least half of a loaf of amish friendship bread.  that stuff is good in a bad way.  

i'm already over it. moving on.

it was my sincerest intention to update about my great weekend before now but blogger has been stupid all day and then i found myself doing other things like being responsible for smaller people and eventually, showering because sissy requested recently that i "please shower before picking me up from school." turns out she thinks i'm always in need of a shower and obviously, i'm an embarrassment.  "how dare you workout mom?!"  okay, she didn't really say that last part but, she might as well have.  today, i showered.  that's how amazing i am at being a mom. when they ask me to shower, i shower.  i'm always so considerate.

on saturday i put on my big girl panties and braved a little blogger luncheon in orem put on by the beautiful (and super sweet) janae.  honestly, i had a gazillion excuses to not go going through my head but, i was determined to buck up and make the date and i'm glad i did.  these girls were so welcoming and fun to talk to.  lunch was delicious too ... we ate at terra mia and i had the tomato basil soup and a side salad.  i sat across from julia who is working on her phd in psychology. i feel even more dumb and un-educated now.  on one side of me were sisters rachelle and amber (and ambers cutest little boy).  on the other side was the lovely ash whose blog i have enjoyed for so long so it was crazy weird and totally awesome meeting her in person.   these girls are all running the utah valley marathon this saturday and rachel and ash just ran the ogden marathon.  see mom, i'm not as crazy as you think i am!  amazing.  inspiring. awesome.

janae made cookies for everyone.  i tried telling myself they were super gross but, it only took a few minutes for me to devour the entire bag.  it would have been unfair for me to save any for the rest of my family because, well, you do the math.  they were gone by the time i got to the grocery store.  

grocery shopping happened LESS kids!!!  unless you have kids that you shop with regularly, you cannot appreciate how amazing kid-less grocery shopping can be.  it took me 1/2 the time as it usually takes, i didn't have to stop for any samples or stand there why they carefully choose between a sticker with a hot air balloon on it or the one with the faces of bob and randy harmon on it (they're the "grocer in our neighborhood").  i can't believe i'm actually writing about such mundane occurrences.  the checker at the store was excited over my items for purchase so at least someone appreciated the event.

later in the evening i went on a date with my man.  it was fun.  seriously. i'd date him any day of the week and all weekend long.  he's my favorite husband.  can you believe how in love we are?  it's amazing.

of course i took photos of the delicious food from the weekend.

sunday i went out early for a 10 mile run all by myself.  did that sound eeyore-ish enough?  lonely but, it was a beautiful morning.  the run took longer than normal but i stopped a lot to take photos.  i was also tired.  it's been awhile since i've ran that distance.  even just a few weeks with lower milage makes a big difference in my endurance.  my legs were not happy the last mile or so.  push through the pain.

checkout the sunrise.  and the deer.  he was happy to see me.  unless it was a she.  then she was happy to see me.

in the evening, my mom had us up for dinner.  my brothers were there.  i don't get to see them enough.  it was good to see them but i missed my cute sister in law.  she was away "on business" ... being all grown up and important.
my mom made korean bbq beef, brown rice and i brought up an oriental broccoli slaw of sorts that i threw together.  i love good food.  yes i do and this food was good.

today felt weird.  i'm not really sure why.  

neighbor/running buddy/friend and i went for an early morning run.  probably about 4 miles.  we didn't have the time for the longer loop because husband had to go to work early.  again.  thank goodness he lets me spend all of his hard earned money on awesome clothes from target and a mortgage.

once i got the kids to school i headed to the gym.  yes, this will make workout #2 for the day.  i believe i am on day 20 or 21 of "making the cut."  i'm telling you people, if you want to make the cut then, you should read this book.  

the workout took 70 minutes.  i watched a guy watching me as he made his way through his own workout.  once i got ready to leave he came up to me and asked me if i was done yet.  i told him i thought so.  then he says, "you really know how to work out."  and my head got big but i played it cool and told him i wasn't really in the mood today so, it was a tough one.  then he says, "i was watching you.  you know what you're doing."  creepy?  nah.  he seemed totally normal.  normal on the creep-o-meter.  i wanted to say, "yeah, i noticed you watching me."  but, i didn't want to stop playing it cool and i was enjoying the bigness of my head.  was he fit?  yes.  yes he was.  so his opinion totally matters.

now it's late.  i've just returned from yoga (#3 workout) and blogger is finally working but i'm too tired to download my photos to show all three of you reading the cooking i did today.  i already mentioned the amish friendship bread (anyone want a starter bag because i have three?), then there was gazpacho for lunch which was good but, reminded me too much of salsa and i don't really want to eat salsa by the spoonful.  so, fail.  for dinner we had beef and broccoli.  it was really good.  good enough to "make the cut" for this blog.  i'll be posting the recipe soonish.

don't get on me for 3 workouts in one day.  i realize this was excessive.  i personally consider it cardio, strength training and stretching broken up into segments throughout the course of a day but i admit, i am super way-bad tired now so ...


i'll be dreaming of grocery shopping less kids.  have you tried it?

do you engage in "small talk" at the gym?  it annoys me.  that makes me rude.  shoot.


Becky said...

Grocery shopping kid-less is the best. Small talk at the gym bugs me too. I'm not there to visit, I'm there to sweat. And way cool that you impressed a fit gym dude. Not at all creepy ...

Amanda said...

I rarely shop kidful anymore. The things you have to look forward to - very shortly in the scheme of things.

I'm starting MTC this week. It's my get back on track mission to work on for mid-June to mid-July before marathon trainingitis sets in. Is there any reason I should write the workouts down rather than photo copy them out of the book? I keep meaning to ask you that. I have terrible handwriting ...

Creepy guy ... I say take the compliment!

Is Amish bread sweet? I am intrigued but am worried it's sweet (when I like savory).

You arms look awesome. You look spectacular in horizontal stripes. The magazines know nothing.

I lovvvvvvvvve gezpacho. Lovvvvvvve it. post that recipe. I make that but mostly just winging it throwing various veggies and a stale piece of bread into the blender.

I am now hungry thank you very much and it's 11pm!

Love the photo in the beginning - you live in a beautiful area. Love the long legged shadow and the red balloon.

I have the fixins for a basic asian slaw ... any key ingredients I'm missing? Other than peanuts and sesame oil?

I'm hungry, have I mentioned that?

I'm jealous you're on day 20. I'm on 0. Didn't I start this thing?

Amy Piller said...

I only have one child and I hate shopping with him, I like to get in and out and everything is a pain when you have a little one along for the ride. I don't like when people talk to me at the gym because I just want to get in and get it done and get out and I don't want anyone to be watching me either because I Don't Know What I am Doing:)

Anonymous said...

I totally want a start of the Amish bread. Love that stuff.
And, I was sad I couldn't be at dinner. Stupid work! :)

Candice said...

I told you that Amish bread was dangerous.

I like your bangs.

Scottkids said...

I try to avoid talking at the gym, and do not make eye contact with anyone, but compliments are always nice!!!!!!!!

Scottkids said...

P.S. Stop saying no one reads your blog. Its driving me nuts! Its a good blog! Lots of people read it, you know how that goes! So many non commenters! ;) Keep blogging your little heart out!

Chris said...

you are three times awesome. and you're right. there's no way to have brought those cookies home.

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