it's sunny out. what's your excuse?

right now i'm totally laying out in the back yard like i used to do in high school except for now, rather than a bikini, i'm trotting around in my sports bra and shorts with awesome mom belly flippin' and a floppin' around.  my hair looks like it's been through the ringer but it hasn't.  that's just how my hair looks all of the time.

husband/hunk/lover is at work.  again.  i took the kids to the local parade this morning by myself which made me sad but i hid it well.  we rocked the candy-getting and i'm certain that we annoyed all of the nearby parade goers with my our enthusiasm.  i took some cute photos but i'll save them for my little family blog for a near future post.  in the meantime, here are two for you to enjoy.
 welcome to the herriman days parade:
busy. busy. busy. describes life right now.  for one, my girl started tumbling again this week which is now twice a week for an hour each time as opposed to once a week for half an hour.  her gym is 25 minutes from home which makes it tough to drop her off and then go home until she's ready to be picked back up.  since the little guy and i had time to kill on tuesday while she was cartwheeling, we chose to kill it at the local coffee shop.  (free wi-fi).  that there is a full fat chai latte and pink milk.  not making the cut.

on thursday i was without little guy and had an hour to kill by myself.  what do you do with an hour all alone?  me, well, i went to costco and then promised sissy "fuel" for after class which ended up being a jamba juice.  i went in for her only but couldn't resist trying their new fruit and veggie smoothies.  i had orange carrot karma and i have to say, it was tasty.  180 calories, 430% vitamin a, 90% vitamin c and only 38 grams of sugar.  only 38 grams of sugar!!!! no wonder it was tasty. i know better but still, oops.

that evening my boy had his last baseball game of the season and the coaches presented me with four lovely "smart cookies" to thank me for being team mom.  yeah, that's me.  mom of the team.

turns out smart cookies make me really dumb because i was only going to have "a bite" but ended up eating two whole cookies by the time i took a bite here and there. i have no idea what happened.  it was probably something like, "let me have a bite of your cookie. just one bite."

sissy had her last day of kindergarten on thursday so she came with the little guy and i to the gym on friday morning.  i let them try the "kid fit" class rather than making her hang out in the playroom with a bunch of poopy babies and snotty-nosed toddlers.  

when i came down after getting my sweat on, they were just winding down class.  doing push ups and stretching.  it was one of the cutest things i've ever seen.  gavin doesn't want to go back though.  he's "fraid" of the big bouncing balls and brooklyn said he cried every time they tried to get him to sit on one. so, i promised him he could hang out the in playroom next time.

my workouts have been awesome.  i'm almost done with the "making the cut" 30 day schedule.  i'll still keep doing these circuits though.  i really, really enjoy them and, i've definitely noticed a difference in my endurance, strength and body fat.  i'll weigh myself and take measurements sometime soon.  still waiting for a visit from flow.  never wise to weigh or measure when she's here.  tmi.  gross.

i tried the kettle bell swings i talked about here.  holy shizam candice! they're tough.  25 pounds was not happening.  i used the 20 pound bell and could only squeak out 10 swings before i needed a break.   um ... candice was prescribed 100 swings with a 25 pound bell.  i need to practice.

one great workout i threw into my circuit was jump lunges on the bosu's.  i love working on bosu's.  i tried to find an example but i couldn't find an image of anyone actually jumping.  i found this one though:

she takes bosu training to a whole new level.

basically though, you start like this (less weights unless you're used to doing 100 kettle bell swings with 25 lbs) and then jump, switching your legs in the air and landing in a lunge.  the idea is to pause only briefly in between lunges for a great cardio exercise.

last of all,

i've been eating the same turkey wrap for lunch every single day.  it's just easy and delicious so, why not?

spiced chicken was flippin' awesome.  the recipe is simply a cumin, paprika, salt & pepper.  check it out here.  i plan to make this a lot.  unfortunately, i'm the only one who liked the tomato basil couscous.  i like couscous but i like it alone.  sniffle.

pretty boring stuff, right? (don't answer that).

it is my goal to be less lenient with my diet for the next few days.  every choice i make is deliberate but i'm allowing too many treats too frequently.  i feel like crap when i eat crap.  frito's and cheese "flavored" dip does not make the cut and i know it.

so that's my update for now.  we'll be headed over to the carnival later today.  i was bummed to not be able to run the local 5k/10k this morning but, oh well.  he's out making money while i pout over not being able to spend it. races are expensive.  i wish it weren't true.

congrats to all those who ran the utah valley marathon and 1/2 marathon this morning!  i can't believe it's already been a year.  i'm so glad they had better weather today than brother-in-law and i had a year ago.


Healthy Mamma said...

Fun updates! You look really, really frieking awesome Em! Is that you on the buku balls? I seriously almost killed myself on one of those once. My instructor had us turn it upside down and stand on the flat part while doing strength training and I managed to catapult myself off of it with dumbells. Oww.
I need to get my ass to the gym. but I hate the gym. and I think my hubby won't deal with me signing up for yet another membership I don't use. ;) grrrrrr.

Chris said...

has it really already been a year since the UVM/HM? wow. And you are making the cut, in my opinion!

Amanda said...

The first time I did a bosu ball, I had to get on it (bouncey side down) w/handweight in each hand and presumably I was going to do curls. The trainer made it look so easy when she hopped on and balanced, but I biffed it. I was determined and tried on my own until I could get on and balance w/handweights. So proud, I showed my young son who said "let me try" as he hopped on and stood there with his "and??" look. I have biffed it a couple times since, but mostly not. There are 101 great uses for those things.

Loving your blog - you are an exemplary mom in that you take excellent of your kids AND you. There's enough time for everybody to do something for yourself, you just need to make it happen. I love that you do that.

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

Smart cookies are my absolute favorite cookies in the entire world!! Bummer the hubby was gone!! Gotta love the candy at parades!! You are adorable in your jamba picture and girl, you DO NOT have a mommy tummy....I know you in real life and I question the fact that you had kids, you are smokin!

Holley @ Lunges and Lashes said...

i am a creature of habit too, nothing wrong with eating the same stuff! looks like the parade was way fun! those cookies look really good!

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