blueberry pancakes

recently i had a talk with a family member who enjoys healthy living too and i learned that we both have had the same embarrassing problem with fiber one products.  for her, the fiber one bars were a great go-to for a quick breakfast but the side effects weren't worth the convenience.  she said with a slightly discouraged tone "we're back to eating fruit and yogurt for breakfast."

this post is for her.  maybe i can give her some fresh ideas?

first, the green monster below is my favorite "super quick" breakfast but most of the time, i do like some solid food to kick off the day and blueberry pancakes are perfect!

these blueberry pancakes are whole wheat and let me tell you, it took me a long time to find a brand of whole wheat pancake mix that i really like to eat.   sure, i could make them from scratch but that doesn't sound appealing, not yet anyway.

in our home, we have pancakes on sunday.  i make enough to last the rest of the week and throw them in the freezer so i have a some quick healthy alternatives to sugar cereals for my kids and for myself.

obviously the kids love maple syrup on their pancakes but i can't afford the calories or the sugar so i stick with a pinch of cinnamon/sugar mix, sliced banana's and about a tbsp of sugar free syrup on top.  it really is perfectly delicious.  especially paired with a bowl of fresh fruit (i like a cup of light vanilla soy milk over my fruit instead of yogurt).

the pancakes are super easy to make.  i follow the directions but use canola oil instead of vegetable oil and the vanilla soy milk instead of regular milk.  if you don't like soy milk than i would mix in a couple drops of vanilla extract to add some sweetness to the batter.

don't forget a handful of fresh blueberries.


for more breakfast ideas, click on "breakfast" to the left.

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