hi, my name is emily and i'm a coffeeholic

yesterday i gave into the 3-day pounding headache and had my morning coffee.  it was oh-so-delicious.  i tried to mix half and half with homemade vanilla syrup my dear friend sarah sent me (i have amazing internet friends).  it was pretty good.  it's going to be tough to replace my sugar laden nestle creamer full of partially hydrogenated palm kernel oil but, i'm determined to find an alternative.

if i started making the cut on friday then yesterday would have been my fourth day.  see how smart i am? four days into the program but the first workout.  i was nervous.  mostly because i was insecure about doing things that i knew would be challenging let alone doing them in front of other gym patrons.  "what on earth is that woman doing?"  

in an effort to try and limit my seemingly weirdness, i decided to write the workout down on an index card rather than lug around the book with jillian's rockin' body on the cover.

here's a post-workout snap shot of said card.  today i'll write in pen because sweat and pencil didn't mix.  who knew.

the workout is supposed to take 45 minutes.  it took me 60.  i was dripping with sweat but not too self conscious because, i was working out hard and in a gym.  those two things seem to go together fairly well so i tried to ignore the glances i was getting as i did my thing.

two things; 

the weight room at the jl sorensen rec center is poorly set up.  while they offer some really nice equipment, they failed to remember that actual people would be using said equipment.  there is not room for actual people in the actual weight room.  it's annoying.

second, burpees are hard as hell. i bow down you crossfit folks like my friend bento.

the good news is, i resisted the urge to die and my hrm read 870 calories burned over the course of 60 minutes.  i know i need to round down.  the hrm is too generous so, i gave myself credit for 600 calories and then another 200 calories for yoga in the evening.

for lunch i grilled up a few pieces of chicken to last the week (seasoned with garlic pepper) and made a big salad.

for dinner we had taco's.  i ended up mixing ground turkey with roasted tomatoes, 1/2 an avocado, 1/4 cup of black beans, 1/4 cup red onion, squeeze of lemon juice and topped it with a tbsp of light sour cream and romaine.  wrapped in the wonderful la tortilla factory whole wheat tortilla's. 

those tortillas are large but not large enough to hold my mix.  it was fun to try and eat.

i told husband to take a photo of the size of my burrito.  he went to town saying things like, "oh yeah, eat that burrito.  work it."  he's such a nerd.  ignore the strands of grey hair.  they're not really there.

today is day two of the workouts.  i need to jot everything down on my card and head out the door.  it's not an easy feat, going to the gym.  especially with two kids in tow.  everyone needs to be dressed and ready for the day.  sigh.  unlike when we're home and just run down to my dungeon to get my sweat on. 

i was nice to the world and actually put on a little make up and braided my hair.  thank goodness i braided my hair because i noticed my armpits needed some attention too so i went ahead with the good old dry shave just to look more presentable.  you know you've done it.  don't judge.

off i go .... hopefully i don't die.



Chris said...

wow. you worked hard! eat more food.

PaulaK said...

oh man i've had the caffeine withdrawl headache and i'm more afraid of that pain than any other.

maybe that's why i never gave up coffee!

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Lots of exercise, great job! If all the stats are correct it's a really big deficit for weight loss--maybe too big? But all your food looks delicious.
Dry shave? Been there!!

Candice said...

I know burpees well... they are awesome.

Amanda said...

Who knew you were posting about burpees and armpit hair over here on your foodie blog? But here you are, and here I am.

I realize we are supposed to be watching you eat the tortilla, but it's cracking me up how Gavin is in the background and in lockstep with your burrito-eating.

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