weekends end

we're going to make a group decision to pretend that i didn't eat what i really ate today.  okay?  my mom did not make twice baked potatoes and i did not eat one.  i did not buy "the kids" a bag of starburst from the gas station and we did not share them.  okay?  the fruit in the vanilla berry swirl soft serve at costco was not originally frozen in heavy syrup.  sooooooo ...

days like today, they happen.  and it's okay.  welcome even.  i enjoy food.  a lot of different kinds of food. even though jillian would for sure be screaming in my face.  tomorrow is going to be awesome.  and so is the next day.   however, if every day were like today,  i'd be headed down the wrong path.  that path does not lead to my goals.

breakfast was great.

but i got all screwed up having my hunky husband go with me to costco.  usually, if i'm not alone, i'm dragging two or three or four children along with me.  we don't do the "let's grab a hot dog" thing. ever. but today was chill and i basked in his presence even though i had to stand there and wait for him to try on the same pair of gloves he tries on every time he comes to costco with me.  yes, he has these gloves.  no, apparently he cannot remember what size he buys every other time.

after our little shopping trip, we went up to my parents for chillaxin' and dinner.  one minute, i was sitting on the porch, enjoying the sun ...

and then the next thing you know ....

the weather is seriously pre-menstural. 

my mom made dinner for us.  we love oven fry chicken and my plan was to just have chicken and salad but then she pulled the potatoes out of the oven and they had melted cheese all over them.  melted cheese.  i just can't not have something with melted cheese on it.  i'm sorry.  not.

i probably ate two mini butterfingers too.  maybe three but probably just two.  unless it was three.

are we bored yet?  no?  okay then, real quick, yesterday happened too.  i cleaned house all. day. long and it felt oh-so-good to have it done.  i was so focused on the task at hand that i didn't stop and sit to eat.  i just whipped up a shake before we headed to the rec center for swimming/running at 7:00.   this means dinner was way late but, we promised the kids they could swimming and i really wanted to squeeze a run in.

that's a click protein shake.  click is yummy.  if you like espresso, you'll like click.  i blend it with about a cup of vanilla soy milk and a scoop of chocolate protein powder.  yummers!

i'm excited to start a new workout tomorrow.   ...  are you going to exercise tomorrow?  i'm excited if you are.


Amanda said...

We call that a "zag" around here. I had one two, but I was a lot naughtier. Each time we zagged, each of us would say "What would Jillian think!" or "Jillian would be mad at me!"

One week down, three week to go before you've made the cut. And then what?

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I am so with you on Click protein plus a pick me up!

Are you gearing up for the BL finale?

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