i'm reminded why i love this kind of thing ...

today finished up the last of the grocery shopping so i'll have all that i need to eat really well for the next 30 days.

yesterday i went to costco.  today, harmons. the goal; to get enough food to last us for two weeks.  usually, i shop once week but, i'm getting tired of spending so much money at the grocery store and last night, on the ten o'clock news, channel 5 did a segment on two moms who bargain shop two different ways.  their savings made me want to hide under the covers.  i'm failing my family.  i'm failing our budget.  i just hate coupon clipping and deal shopping.  call me lazy.  then again, these women did have a huge pile of different varieties of cup-o-noodle soup and the like on their counters when all was said and done but, i digress.

planning my meals and shopping for food is something i've come to really enjoy. it's dumb.  i love to organize the food in my cart, i love to organize it on the checkers belt, on the counter, in the cupboards.  really, really dumb.  the funny thing is, when i was a lot less health conscious and when i had a lot more money, i hated grocery shopping.  hated it!  it was the biggest chore that i just dreaded to death.  maybe now, the fact that it's like the only time i leave our house and there's actual adults wandering through the stores, is the reason i like it.

it's a control thing.

so, this is what making the cut looks like for me for the next 30 days.

shove as much in there as possible.  makes cooking fun.  not.

meals for today were a little interesting.  i played with the 40/30/30 ratio of carbs/protein/fat.  it wasn't as easy as i thought it would be.   work in progress i guess.  i was low on calories by the end of the day, low on fat and, too high on protein.  oh, and, no coffee.  30 days without coffee.  sigh.

check out my snack though.  yum, right?  oh, c'mon.  you know you're hungry for some wasa crackers and a triangle of cheese! it really was good. 

i'll have a talk with my health-nutter friends to get ideas to get a better grip on balancing the ratios as the "plan" recommends.  i'll go for a run tomorrow so i'll need more calories too.

this is fun! don't you think?


Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Great shop! I never used to like grocery shopping and now I actually love it. Love Wasa with laughing cow, yum!

Chris said...

I think you will need to eat more.

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