word of wisdom living

"To be honest, my health goal is quite modest.  I accept dying; my goal is to hold off the grim reaper until I’m done living.  There is, ahem, one other goal:  to look good, even in death."

i am very, VERY excited about this blog.

i have said, "that crap will kill you" and they have said, "we all die of something."

i'm excited because i want so badly to be educated about nutrition and this man has spent years reading and researching simply to better himself and now he's sharing all he's learned for nothing.  he's not interested in sponsorships or selling products.  he just wants to educate us.

i'm ready and will be following.
you should to.

1 comment:

Healthy Mamma said...

That's so cool! Headed over now, thanks for sharing!

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