day 15 & 16

day 15 :: yesterday

workout was awesome.  
lesson: do not write workout down with a marker. 

yesterday i ran to the gym and did all five circuits two times. 
when all was said and done, my hrm (hear rate monitor) read 1331 calories burned.
some of the cardio portions i have to change up.  jump rope, jumping jacks and plyo-steps aren't going to happen for me.  mostly because of the fact that i can't jump without peeing myself but also because i have to check out a step if i want to do plyo-steps and i don't want to take the time.  (plyo = jump training. so basically, it would be jumping off of and on to a step/box).  

instead, i busted out some old tricks i learned from an awesome trainer.  side-step running on the treadmill is a serious calorie burner.  it's also a super awesome workout for targeting the inner/outer thighs.  it sort of looks like this to start (this is not the awesome old trainer.  just some random dude from the google images):

basically you shuffle sideways in intervals (20 seconds per side).  for me, i raise the incline to 12% and the move the speed to 3.8 - 4.0 mph and then i shuffle 20 seconds per side (two times each side) with 10 seconds running forward in between each side.  when i get brave, i'll turn and go backwards.  i'm not there yet.  maybe if i try slowing the treadmill down a little bit.  give it a try.  i dare you.  adjust the speed and incline to your ability (over estimate because we tend to not give ourselves enough credit).  oh, and, NO HANDS!

day 16 :: today

after my workout i let my little guy sneak upstairs to the "adults only" training area so i could stretch.  our reserved time in the child center was up but i wasn't ready to leave.  we were being "ninjas"  so no one would see us.

have i ever mentioned how awesome this kid is?  he felt super cool to be stretching with mom.

don't cry but, i didn't take a photo of my written workout today.  i could get up from the couch and get it but, i'm not going to.  it was good stuff.  again.  hrm read 770 calories burned today.  

there was a woman in the gym who seemed to always be using whatever machine i needed every time i needed it.   i got tired of waiting so i improvised one of the hamstring exercises with an old favorite.  this is another burner.  it works so well, i tell you!  give it try.  will you? 

15-20 reps with your butt tight and hips as high up as you can get them.  roll the ball in toward your butt using your heels and then push it back out to start position.  good stuff.

 dinner was a bust again tonight.  i don't even think i really had a "meal"  ... but lunch was good.   another visit to the park with some cute little people.  a little windy but warm enough so, we'll take it!

this park has an entire section for the fitness enthusiast.  there are also a ton of trails around the area.  we live pretty far away so i've never used it but, it looks cool.  if you live in draper, i hope you take advantage of these free amenities.

now i'm totally pooped.  needing sleep.
tomorrow is a "rest" day so i'll go for an early run with running buddy/neighbor/friend who is back from vacation and take a break from the gym. 

did you workout today?
if so, what did you do?
if no, what stopped you?


Anastasia said...

You are killing those workouts! Way to go! I have no idea how you side shuffle on the treadmill at 4.0! That's my fast running speed on there. You are badass :]

Your son looks so happy to be hanging with you ninja-style.. too cute!

Serena said...

I tried those ab-on-the-ball things today and WOW. Those really get you going! I love it when you post those exercises, too!!!

Candice said...

Sure did. I did this workout at the gym http://www.gppfitness.com/daily-workout/bis-and-back.html (Tuesdays are strength day) then ran 4 miles at 9pm - can you believe the sun was still out?? I love these long days.

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Crazy workouts!
I used to love tagging along with my mom at the gym-even as I got older it felt so good! Maybe why I love it now--it was instilled in me all the way back then!

Amanda said...

You know you make me panicky inside every time I read your updates, right? (me: I should be doing that! I should be doing that!). Keep it up so I can get started next week and follow in your footsteps.

My son got told once he was a liability for waiting for me in a chair. Mama Bear walked to the girl at the desk and asked what she was talking about and that he had finished running on a treadmill before I did and was simply waiting and what are these chairs for if not sitting?? I guess they don't want people parking their kids there rather than paying the five bucks for kid care, but I would think she could tell he was old enough to BE the babysitter lol

In other words, your gym is nicer to kids than my gym.

Chris said...

reading your posts makes me realise how much harder I should be working myself. I'm a whining baby. thanks for the idea about the dreadmill. I just might try it.

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