long weekend

we all love a long weekend.

i especially love a long weekend when i get to go on a date with my husband.

on friday the kids and i spent the day with my mom.  we had lunch at rumbi grill where i had the south seas salad with fat free sesame dressing and then we shopped the gateway.   she spoiled my kids with new summer clothes.  my mom is cool like that.  i totally would have just cut off some jeans into shorts and long sleeve shirts into tank tops.  "now go play."  ha!  you know i kid.

earlier in the week i'd gone to nordstrom rack and old navy with the hopes of finding some summer shorts.  this is a challenge for me because i really have a love/hate relationship with my legs.

for the obvious reasons, i love my legs.  they allow me to run.  they are strong and dependable and i'm grateful for them but, they're not shapely like i wish they were.  they're not stretch-mark/varicose vein/cellulite free like i wish they were.  my thighs are too thick to fit into bottoms that fit my waist.  my knees are discolored and probably my least favorite part of my body.  i bruise easily and have pockets of fat on my shins.  thank you genetics.  all things i have no control over so i accept and move on but ...

shorts are tough to find.  i'm not comfortable wearing shorts.  shorts look funny on me.

i want to wear shorts.

my friends say i'm shopping at the wrong stores.  that these shorts are not the right fit for my body type.  that i need shorter shorts or longer shorts.  shorts that don't hug my thighs.  


so while at the gateway with my mom, we ventured into urban outfitters and i tried on these shorts.

they were super cute on.  the high waist is flattering and they balloon out enough that they actually feel comfortable.  but .... they're $54.  for a pair of shorts.


then i found this super cute shirt.  this model sucks at modeling this shirt.  it was much cuter on me! snicker.

but .... it's was $39.00.  seriously people, i cringe.  $100 for one pair of shorts and a shirt!?  my mom says i wouldn't have blinked at the price tags back on that one day.  that one day when i had a job that paid me real money.


so the search continues.  ugly legs remain.


our babies slept at my parents on friday night.  my husband took me on a date to thai basil.  well, i might have drove us there but, i'm pretty sure he drove me home and he paid the bill. 

i've been wanting to try this restaurant for awhile but we all know how much my man doesn't love curry so it wasn't a planned stop for food.  actually, we were going to go try "the wild rose" but lucky for us, they had their menu on the window as you walk in so we saved ourselves the embarrassment of being seated and then having to leave after we realized one entree was $30+!  yeah, so that didn't happen.  bummer because we really loved his other two restaurants but ... times have changed.

back at thai basil husband ordered sweet and sour chicken and i had the yellow curry.  yum. yum.

we went to frogurt too.  i had coconut yogurt with lots of berries.  husband had chocolate with lots of butterfinger.

on saturday morning i met up with candice for a run.  girl ran the ogden marathon last saturday and still wanted to run yesterday.  capital C Crazy!  i forgot my garmin but i guestimate we ran between 6.5 - 7 miles and guess who we ran passed twice on the trail?  jerry sloan!  what the celebrity?!  he totally talked to us too, he commented on the yummy bugs we were eating as we ran through swarms of them.  super gross.  then he may or may not have said we looked like super awesome runners.

so that was cool.

then the hub and i went to pick up the kids.  it was inevitable.  

and then.  and then ...

we took them to see kung-fu panda II.  it was funny but the husband didn't laugh much because he was so furious over having been financially raped by the movie theater so the kids could have a hot dog.  it should be illegal.  seriously.  what a friggin' rip off.  i chose to starve through the movie so i could come home and have my curry leftovers.  luckily we had an empty water bottle in the car so i ran out and grabbed it, filled it at the drinking fountain and then we passed it back and forth throughout the movie.  i can't believe people so willingly pay that kind of money for crappy junk food.  nasty. nasty.

normally we stop at the store to get snacks before we go to the movies but we were short on time and our little guy was getting tired so we didn't want to wait for the next movie.  i say "we" when i should say "i."  then wouldn't you know it,  little guy fell asleep on my lap 10 minutes into the show and slept the entire time.  shoot n' stuff!

so that's been our weekend so far.  now we're just hanging out.  my belly is sad.  i don't know why.  maybe it was the ihop i had for dinner?  kids eat free with the purchase of an entree right now.  did you know this? we were out late and happened to drive by.  the luck! i had their whole grain blueberry pancakes.  i only ate about 1/2 and had two scrambled eggs with water.  so maybe i have a bug?  maybe their pancakes were poisoned?  we'll never know.

i hate ihop.  crazy balloon lady made the kids those character balloons that make them really happy and loud and giggly and goofy.  the nerve.

anyway.  tomorrow i'll bust out jillian's day 11 workout.  i feel good besides the little tummy trouble.  i feel good about my food choices and good about my increased strength.  i like this "plan" a lot.

sorry for a super boring post. 

~ happy day.


Amanda said...

My son took his girlfriend on a movie date - he's new to dating (I think this is his second or third one) and new to paying. The next day he told us he about died when the tickets were $17 each (adult/Pirates/3D). For one ticket! Stupid 3D. I'm not even sure if she paid for her own (his dad drove). That's not even the (crap) food. We stop at 7-11 on the way usually for the same crap food at a lower price, but often get stuck in the same time jam if we've been spontaneous and I resent that.

Scottkids said...

Sounds like you've been busy! At least it was all FUN!

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