one week down

yesterday was day seven. 

this is what the week looked like.  every single day.  today we have sunshine and it's so sun-shiny!

the first week was relatively easy and i definitely notice a difference in the fit of my clothes.  less bloaty-ness probably.  i'm not weighing myself or taking new measurements until the end of the 30 days.  even though the motivation to start the program stemmed from me wanting to drop a few pounds and tighten up, i don't want this to be the main motivation.  it's going to be on the bottom of the list of reasons for doing this.

"making the cut" workouts are tough as hell but i'm genuinely enjoying them.  they remind a lot of the same kind of training i did with a great personal trainer back in 2006.  my body responds to circuit training.   lifting weights without the cardio mixed in to keep my heart rate elevated bores the heck out of me.  i like to *feel* like i'm getting a good workout when i'm lifting weights and obviously, for me, that means i need to be short of breath and leaving puddles of sweat on the floor when i'm done with a minute of mountain climbers.

the third and fourth workouts were a repeat of the first and second.  i'll learn new moves next week.

my hair goes curly when i sweat.  i think this is weird because it doesn't go curly just from being wet.  only sweat has this effect.  maybe i should bottle my sweat up to sell as a hair curling product?

it's okay to take pictures of yourself at the gym.  it's not weird at all.

food wise, i have been right on track up until yesterday evening but, i'm okay with this because i was able to enjoy a fun night with the girls.  my cute friend candice hosted bunko at her house where i enjoyed my fair share of coconut topped chocolate chip cookies and two slices of hawaiian pizza.  by the time we got there, i was hungry after not eating too much throughout the day.  i probably did this on purpose knowing i would cave to any temptations at bunko even though i'd told candice earlier in the week that i was going to try not to have any pizza.  -- i need to mention that this girl is crazy and hosted bunko (12 crazy, loud women throwing dice around) the night before she was to run a marathon!  that's right, she's probably close to finishing her race as i type this and i'm dying to hear from her.  you go girl!!!!

tenille and i both won some money so we stopped at red mango on our way home because it was the right thing to do.  i love spending time chit chatting with tenille.  she's probably one of the most sincere, genuinely nice people i know.  

anyway, back up.  after my workout yesterday my mom came out and took the kids and i to lunch at zupas.  i ordered a small bowl of asparagus soup and had them build me a salad.  zupas is stupid.  you get four toppings on your salad but one topping = one teaspoon.  guess how many mandarin orange portions one can fit in a teaspoon?  yeah, like two.  i was annoyed and rude.  sometimes i can't help it.  stupidity makes me mad.  my mom was probably embarrassed (sorry mom).  she didn't raise me to be rude and demand more oranges from the snippety teenager behind the counter.   it's that time of the month.  i shall be excused.

after lunch we drove around american fork looking for the highland nursery.  once found, my too-nice-to-me-mother forced a potted plant down my throat for my front porch.  she wouldn't accept no for answer.

see how purdy ...

on thursday i ran to the store after the gym to get a few things for this yummy-looking quinoa salad i came across on the internet.  while there, i decided to grab a carton of eggs.  i've been going through eggs like crazy so we were due for some more.  too bad this was the only carton left of brown eggs.

want some poop with your eggs?

don't worry.  i didn't buy it.  seriously gross.

the salad ended up being a major bummer.  which was a major bummer. it looked and sounded so good but it was so bad, i don't even dare link to the original recipe.  i think it originated from the biggest loser or somewhere like that.  maybe i just don't like quinoa?  i try and try it but every time, i'm really disappointed.  the texture bothers me.  

it looks good right?  looks are deceiving.

in the evening i went with my hunky husband up to the in-laws so he could help them with some electrical work.  we stopped at mcdonalds on the way up there.  the kids were in heaven and my man scarfed his food like he might die if he didn't eat right. now.  i don't like mcdonalds.  i don't like feeding my family mcdonalds either but, whattya do sometimes?  for me, i waited until we got to my in-laws and then i raided their fridge to make myself something that wouldn't leave me feeling guilty and/or with the best diarrhea ever.  

it ended up looking like this.  yum?

today is a beautiful saturday but the husband is away working so i think i'll get some house work done while he's gone.  this will make me feel like a contributing member of our family and then hopefully when he gets home, i will be able to convince him to go over to the rec center with me so he can take the kids swimming while i squeeze a run in.  

happy saturday internet!


Chris said...

You're inspiring me to climb off the couch. I want to move, not cough. can't wait to hear more about Bunko-Runner's 26.2

Amanda said...

Quinoa ... it's flavorless so I do it in a rice cooker loaded with salt, pepper, cayenne and cumin powder. I guess it has sort of a Mexican flavor out of that. I don't mind the texture, but that could be a deal breaker if you don't like it. I'm a "grain" person so I tend to like types of granules in a bowl.

Your posts make me feel antsy because of my delayed MTC start.

I hope you got your run in. Sending sunshine your way.

scanlonp said...

Love your posts! I am a huge fan of Quinoa. One of the things I do to add taste is to add chicken stock or a bullion (sp?) cube while its cooking, it can be so bland. I have made it Greek style with feta, olives, cuc, red pepper, etc or Mexican style - black beans, cilantro, salsa, cuc, etc. My family isnt really sold on it so I mostly eat it solo. Glad you enjoyed Bunko! You are doing so well with the JM workout!

Candice said...

Thanks for the shout-out. I don't know what to do with this online exposure :)

Ogden Marathon is the best. Next year, Em! I took 58 min off my first marathon. Official chip time: 4:19


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