making the cut

lately i've been really grumpy.  i've been slowly gaining tiny amounts of weight despite eating well and exercising consistently.  i know why too.  i'm not dumb.  it's simple really, i eat too many calories and i eat too much sugar. 

for the last couple of months i've been all sorts of pouty because of this.  i *feel* like shouldn't have to be so restrictive in "maintenance" as compared when i'm in a "to lose" mindset.  the problem is that how i *feel* doesn't match the reality of the situation.  if i want to be healthy, strong and lean, i need to be more conscious and focused.  running a gazillion miles is great but, when it comes to being balanced physically, i need to have more variety in my workouts.

bottom line: i do not want to be fat.  

yes, i want to be healthy.  yes, i want to be fit and yes, i want to feel good physically, emotionally and mentally but mostly, i do not want to be fat.  i don't want to be fat because i want to be healthy.  i don't want to be fat because i want to be fit.  i don't want to be fat because i want to feel good physically, emotionally and mentally.  

at my current weight and body fat %, i'm considered "healthy."  jillian's book making the cut was written for those people who have "vanity" pounds to lose.  10-20 pounds.  in the beginning of the book she has a variety of tests to determine your level of physical fitness, your current BMR and what kind of diet you should follow based on your metabolic type (for me: balanced oxidizer). 

for me, this means a diet consisting of  ~ 1500 calories day with carb/protein/fat ratios of 40/30/30.  this means that 40% of my calories should come from carbohydrates (think whole grains, brown rice etc), 30% from protein (lean cuts of red meat, chicken and pork -- i won't eat fish) and 30% from healthy fats (nut butters, healthy oils and low fat cheeses).  

she has 5 workouts per week listed in the book.  i will complete these in addition to my running schedule so i'll have to increase my caloric intake a smidgin to stay within a healthy range.  i'm still working on this number.

her workouts are similar to circuit training.  i love circuit training but it will require i make more frequent visits to the gym and unfortunately, i'll have to deal with the fact that the weight/cardio set up at our rec- center really sucks balls.

i'll be posting here frequently.  maybe she'll have a decent recipe or two that i can share over the next 30 days.  

my friend amanda is working through the book just the same.  it's nice to have someone on the same page goal wise and i happen to like her on a personal level too so, i feel lucky! 

me: day one

{yes, this is how my hair looks 99% of the time.  it's cool}


Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Good luck with this program! I cant wait to see how it goes!

Scottkids said...

I think you look great, and healthy! It is all about how you feel, and you are the one that sees yourself naked everyday. Good Luck with achieving whatever goal that you have deep down, you are far from fat!

I also think its ok to splurge.( Thats just me) My favorite thing to do when I am in tip top shape is to eat clean all week, and have a cheat day on Saturday or Sunday. Either way, for me, I didn't ever want much of the bad stuff when I was already used to eating so clean.

ALSO, I love your messy hair look!

Chris said...

Great outfit. Perfect color!

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