strengths and weaknesses

today i finished the day 9 workout in just over an hour.  one thing is for sure, i suck at push-ups which bugs because this wasn't always the case.  in fact, at one point in time, push-ups were a strength of mine.  that was five years ago when i used to do them with my feet on a bench and my hands on a body ball.  up, down, up, down.  now, i can barely squeak out four or five regular push-ups before i have to drop to my knees.  it's frustrating because it seems like no matter how much i do them, i am not getting any stronger.  

honestly, i think i know why the change.  back at that same time when i was pushing up on a balance ball, i lost a lot of weight and decided to have my mommy boobs enhanced.  the implants were placed under my muscles.  my muscles were therefore cut in order for the placement to be had.  my "pecs" seem to have never recovered so you can imagine how bad i suck at scorpion push ups.

jillian says if you even consider doing "girly" push-ups then you should "toughen up or go buy someone else's book."  she would be so disappointed in me when i do three push-ups and then drop to my knees for the rest.  

workout 8 written out here:

when i do jumping jacks, i pee my pants.  so that sucks.  

workout 9 looks like this along with my lunch from today:

push-ups can be my weakness as long as core strength can be my strength.  "pike crunches" are tough as hell but, i'm good at them.  proof that i have abdominal muscles under all the leftover mom belly stuff.  i even have photos of me doing pike crunches from a few months ago.  some of my internet friends and i worked through a 30-day picture challenge together and this happened to be one of the series i used to document my workout from that day.  you might wonder, "who has such photos of themselves?"  ... me, i do.  this is a pike crunch.  try it.

as far as my diet is concerned, the last two days have been boring.  simple yet good.  nothing exciting to report.  i haven't really been using any of the recipes from the "making the cut" book but i've been faithfully logging my food and i tried a new recipe for asian slaw last night.  it was dinner and it was good.  i'll post the the recipe soon.

at costco i picked up some taboule.  i'd read about it on janae's blog and it looked good so i thought i'd give it a try.  it is good.  i added it to my tortilla wrap yesterday for lunch along with a 1/4 cup of fat free cheddar, 1/4 cup of black beans and 1/2 an avocado.

can you tell i've been playing with photo apps on my iphone?  fun stuff.  this was our weather yesterday. it was pouring and the kids loved running around in the rain.

tomorrow is a rest day so i'll go for a run and give my little guy a break from the rec-center child care center.  he's been brave lately.  today was his first time in alone.  no tears!  when we got home i asked him if he would take a picture of mommy.  he's three.  he said, "because you're so cute?" then he said, "sure!" in his most pleasant voice.  i love that boy.

the end.


Holley @ Lunges and Lashes said...

I have done that same program before from Jillian! It's a butt kicker but such a good workout. Results for sure!

Thanks for your sweet comments, I appreciate hearing from other people who understand how lame it is to deal with all this stuff!

Amanda said...

Jumping Jack piddles are one of the many disadvantages of being a girl. sigh.

Can I blame your boob surgery for the fact that I can't do a push up with hands on a stability ball?

Let us know which apps was used in the rain photo - nice quality image.

It's raining here in California too.

Chris said...

where did you tell Amanda which app you're using to finish your photos. they look great. As do you. I love your blog and I love being one of your internet friends. Unfortunately, now I have to try the pike thingy.

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