food funk

guess what?  some people besides my mom and sister-in-law have started following my blog and i feel crazy awesome because of it.  we all like to feel "it" .... what's the word?  needed/wanted/desired/necessary/validated/important/worthwhile.  need i go on or do you get my point.  we all like to feel worthwhile.  some of us have an easier time than others at admitting it.  SEE ME! SEE ME!

thank you for seeing me.


yesterday i went for an early jog( -- think 5:45 a.m). normally i don't go out alone that early in the morning. usually i go out with my neighbor/friend/running buddy but she's on a much coveted vacation with her family and i didn't want to miss a run.  it was light enough outside that i felt safe enough.  i ran our 5.5 mile loop in just over 45 minutes.  quicker than we typically run it but there was no talking so, i'm sure that helped.

we are lucky to live in a beautiful area.  i run the same few loops all the time and never get tired of it.  our city is at the base of the oquirrh mountains and has a great deal of zoning for farmland and horse property.  it is not uncommon to see several deer out grazing in the early morning hours and yesterday, i happened to catch the beginning of a beautiful sunrise right over one of the small fishing lakes.


{iphone app is camera+ and processing app is phototreats}

currently i'm in a get-me-out-of-the-house mood.  i've been going stir crazy.  the hunk i call my husband has been working long hours which means that i get lonely.  and after awhile, bored.  he's one of the few taller humans i get to interact with on a daily basis and when he's not around, the shorter humans start to get on my nerves.  just a little.  

luckily the weather has been a little less temperamental (knock on wood) so i took the kids to the park for a lunch picnic yesterday.  i picked up a salad at super-target and ended up with a stomach ache later on.  i blame it on the processed deli meat.  only because it's the one thing i had to choke down.  deli meat = yuck.  the kids swiped my cheese before i could even offer it to them.

they ran around with some random kids and their kite-flying dad.  thank goodness for him and his free entertainment so i could enjoy my salad and skinny latte.

dinner has been crappy two out of the last three nights.  i hate to admit.  i only have photos of yesterday's dinnertime meal but i'll be posting about it separately (oh, the anticipation is going to kill you!).

between baseball games, practice and cub scout pack meeting, we've been stretched thin on time in the evenings and i didn't plan or prepare meals in advance.   never a good combo.  i end up eating super clean and feeling awesome all day and then BAM! i'm sitting at training table trying really hard not to have a cheese fry.  or two.

next week will be better.  i need to get out of this cooking funk.  i've found that meeting the ratio requirements laid out in "making the cut" is tougher than i thought it would be (40/30/30 :: carbs/protein/fat).  i've never thought of myself as a lover of carbs but i definitely choose carbs over protein more often than not.  i don't love to have eggs for breakfast, i don't love deli meat at all and chicken on salad for lunch can get old real fast.  

for dinner, it's a challenge to cook healthy dishes that actually taste good without adding some sort of carb.  i'm not feeling creative enough to work out some new recipes and i'm not interested in cooking myself a meal separate from what i'm feeding my family.  i need some inspiration.

being an example to my children is my top priority.  when we sit down for dinner at night, i don't want to be eating two separate meals.  it's sends the wrong message.  "ours is not good enough for her and hers is not good."  i want them to grow into capable adults.  the kind who can make informed/healthy choices.

i need to ponder this.  it deserves my immediate attention.  noted and i'll get back to you asap.

today i finished another workout in just over 60 minutes.  i think it was day 11.  it was fine.  still sweating like crazy and push-ups are not getting easier but i have to say, i really did feel stronger during my run yesterday.  this made me really happy.  i'm enjoying this process a great deal.  re-familiarizing myself with the gym equipment and waking up sleeping muscles.

for lunch today i made a salad out of the bar at our local grocer.  i love our local grocer.  they're not the cheapest option for food but their produce, meat and delicacies are top notch.  i don't like to shop anywhere else.

they even have a little sitting area for eating that over-looks the store. once i purchased my groceries, we took the elevator up with the full shopping cart, three kids, a slice of pizza, mac n' cheese, my salad and we were set to enjoy our lunch.  after sissy finished her glass of water, she decided the best spot for the empty cup would be over the rail.  

she got in BIG trouble for that one.  i'm the meanest mom ever by the way.

tonight we took our two older kids to training table for dinner.  the little guy went to have a special sleep over with grandpa and grandma.  at dinner, sissy said, "i mentioned to myself in my head that it's weird without gavin here.  i miss him already."  cute.  

that there is my grilled chicken sandwich less mayo.  notice the ketchup through the glass of water.  cool, right?  i probably had a few cheese fries but not too many.  it wasn't until our trip for yogurt after dinner that i came to regret eating too much.  thank goodness for alka seltzer.   husband calls me weak.  my belly can't handle that much sugary food all at once.  no more yogurt for me for a long time (think: at least a couple of days).

tomorrow i will repeat the day 10 workout for day 12.  i'm excited to be done with these circuits so i can move on to new stuff next week.  

husband and i will possibly be going on a hot date tomorrow night.  i might wash my hair.

i'm anxious over the low miles i've been logging every week so i'll try to add some miles in on saturday.  i'm having to constantly remind myself that this training is only for 30 days and i'm not signed up for any races in the near future so what's the big deal?  cross-training is good emily, not bad.

cross training is good.  my muscles are sore so i've been rolling a lot on my foam roller (self-myofascial release) which is also really good for me.

it's the cheese fries that i should be worrying about .... even though i only had a few.


Chris said...

fabulous. fabulous. fabulous. but you knew that already. change up your routine a little. new park? new picnic? bust the boredom.

Mary said...

Hi Emily--Food funk must be going around. :-) But I love the inspiration I get from your blog, so I tagged you recently with the Versatile Blogger Award. Head over to my blog to check it out (and pass it on).

Pam said...

I am jealous of those beautiful runs you have around where you live!

Amanda said...

Is that a Whole Foods? You get used to not having a carb at dinner. Honestly I feel bloated and like junk if I do, and I'm a big lover of carbs. I eat my fill earlier in the day so I'm always at the edge of 40%. A lot of it has to do with craving what others are eating. I also don't think it's a problem to eat differently than the people around you. If anything, you are teaching your kids that it's ok to be different and make their own choices rather than go with the herd.

Mrs. JM said...

not whole foods. it's harmons "the grocer in your neighborhood" ... the nearest whole foods is a 35 minute drive. i don't make that trip too often.

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